FAQ くコ:彡

Seamonster Syndicate FAQ くコ:

Q: How long until my order is shipped/ what shipping services are offered?

A: Our shop takes at least 7 business days to ship out orders. Our team consists of two people with two full time jobs aside from getting the most villainous merchandise to your door. 

Orders are typically printed and attended to on a Monday or Wednesday of the week, and are typically shipped out the following day.

Tracking is emailed to you once your order label has been printed.

If you have a specific deadline you are trying to meet, do try to be courteous and reasonable. Feel free to send us an email, and we will see what we can do to get it there before your deadline.


Q: What is a preorder?

A: Preorders are offered to help fund the production of a product! This is great for both us and you, because you will get the product at a super special discounted price, and we will have some help putting the product into production!

Preorder discount prices will not return once they have been funded.

Once the preorder funding is complete, they can take up to 6 weeks to arrive. (During this time, the item is being manufactured, shipped to us, quality checked by us, packaged by us, and sent to you.)

If you would like an update on a preorder, the status of each item will be under the appropriate listing. Any updates will be shared to the shop's socials as well for convenience.

Important note: not ALL pre-orders will reach the necessary funding to be produced. It is possible that if not enough people pre-order, designs will be archived. If you really want to see a design get made, make sure you share it around! That way, it might become a reality!


Q: How do I combine my shipping?

A: Please send us an email (seamonstersyndicate@gmail.com) to combine your shipping on multiple orders. 

There are some cases that combining shipping is not possible (One in hand item, and one preorder, since they will be shipping at separate times). However, most times, this is a non-issue~


Q: Something I want is out of stock, will it ever be restocked?

A: As we grow our business, we have been restocking a few designs here and there. However some items are LE, Limited Edition, and will never be restocked.

These LE designs will not be making a return, and are finished being sold on our shop. 

But do not lose heart! There are many pin and collectable enthusiasts out there that would be more than happy to consider trading for one of these mystical items.