About Us!

⎛⎝(••)⎠⎞About Us! くコ:

Seamonster Syndicate was the original name of this shop. A Syndicate, by definition, is a group of people that work together under a common goal. (A sometimes nefarious goal.)

And that is just what we are!

Our Syndicate is comprised of two artists. The Bat, and The Seamonster.


⎛⎝(•ⱅ•)⎠⎞ The Bat ⎛⎝(•ⱅ•)⎠⎞

My name is Rai and I run the back half of Seamonster Syndicate, as well as make designs for the shop!

I keep the gears turning, as well as the machines well oiled. Everything is accounted for, in the right spot, and packaged just right!

I like to make designs for characters that don't receive a lot of love, and that is another reason why I love Seamonster Syndicate. We make it our mission to give wicked characters more love.

I hope to make someone else smile as much as I do when I make designs for less-liked characters!


くコ:彡 The Seamonster くコ:彡

My name is Phoenix and I'm a full time tattoo artist from Doylestown, Pennsylvania!

I started making pins because I love the idea of making something that you can collect and show off to the world! 

In that same way, this is exactly how I feel about tattoos. But pins, stickers, prints and shirts are a less permanent way to show how much you love something!

The best way to reach me about a design I have created, or about a tattoo you may want, is through my Instagram at @Sexy.Seamonster ~ I'm constantly checking my messages there and would love to hear from you~